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Homenet Project

Welcome !

What is Homenet ?

Homenet is an implementation effort of documents targeting the IETF Homenet Working Group. It provides implementation of zeroconf IPv6 (and IPv4) routing, prefix assignment and service discovery for a home network consisting of multiple routers connected to multiple service providers.

For further information, see the Homenet Overview page.

How can I install it ?

This webpage's goal is to help anyone interested in using, testing or contributing to the project. Feedback is welcome.

For instructions about how to install Homenet on your home router, see the Setup and Configuration page. To build Homenet yourself, check the Building from Source page. You'll find all download instructions on the Downloads & Source Code page. Also, as Homenet is intended to work on OpenWrt, the official distribution website will provide you essential information.

Contact us

If you have questions, want to contribute, or just want to say hello, you can use our dedicated mailing list or IRC #hnet-hackers channel on freenode network.

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