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Homenet's FAQ

Here is a list of miscellaneous questions that you may ask yourself. If you don't find an answer here, please send us a mail.

How to use colored prefixes ?

See the Prefix Coloring page for a detailed answer.

How do I set a dhcpv6 client ID ?

You can modify the netifd hnet protocol file (hnet/files/ in feeds before building or /lib/netifd/proto/ at runtime) in order to add a dhcp client id. You need to insert the following line:

json_add_string clientid "<clientid in base 16>"
  • Between json_add_string name “${interface}_4” and json_close_object for IPv4.
  • Between json_add_string name “${interface}_6” and json_close_object for IPv6.


Here are a few links to pages that were written as memos or information pages during Homenet development and testing. These pages may be incomplete and/or incorrect and are provided in the hope of being useful.

  • Install ecmh on OpenWrt Easy Cast du Multi Hub (ecmh) is a networking daemon that acts as a full IPv6 MLDv1 and MLDv2 Multicast “Router”. (Outdated?)
  • stress test results for OpenWrt trunk tracking builds - per case and per failure type. The stress tests are defined in util/ of hnet-ttin repository.
  • Converting Markdown documents to Dokuwiki format:
    pandoc --from=markdown --to=dokuwiki --output=README.rst file-to-convert
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