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 +Gunpowder & Sky has optioned a new teen comedy feature film from Emmy-nominated writing duo Lauren Domino and Angela Tucker titled "Paper Chase."​ The company has also moved the project into development. Tucker is attached to direct and will be executive produced by former EVP of MTV Films / Paramount Pictures, Loretha Jones.
 +The film, while in early development,​ follows a lead co-ed headed for college only to find school funds to be an issue in what feels like a female Van Wilder-style story, where throwing a party is the obvious best source of cash.
 +"​‘Paper Chase’ was brought to our attention as Lauren and Angela were running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the project, and it represented the type of unique independent film that Gunpowder & Sky wants to make," said Van Toffler, CEO, Gunpowder & Sky.
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