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St. John's doesn't have a photo class, but I took a class at Urban School of San Francisco, where I went to high school. That is probably when I started taking pictures seriously, although I can't say for sure. Early high school, I'd say, when I was 15 or so I began to be really interested in how things can visually fit into a rectangle, and I looked through a rectangle made of my fingers a lot. That was my initial interest in composition and balance.

To my mind this is a fascinating and unsung ministry, maybe even somewhat invisible to the average person. I know of one other ministry like it and that is in Chicago, Illinois. Can you tell us of other similar ministries, and can you tell us how they are the same or different. That's like one of those college questions, Compare & Contrast, please.


Double Major. The old double major helps you to prove you have more knowledge than the average grad, but really doesn't translate to better equipped. The problem with such a plan is that many folks will lump the double major in with the double degree folks with the Associate's and Bachelor's. The difference being that the double major definitely has double the credits, but also has double the debt.

He is NOT a proponent of “Do what you love, the money will take time care of itself.” Far from it! He says, “The Money NEVER takes care of itself.” In my experience, this is true. You need to constantly keep improving your process, and giving people more reasons to buy from you.

I will admit, though, that there are days when I do feel like giving up on everything. What human being doesn't? I think aloud everyday about giving up this “foolish” idea of link and going back to work for someone else because at least then I'd have a steady paycheck, health insurance and the coveted 401 (k). But then my spirit would die and that scares me more than not having a paycheck. Sometimes, I think that I must be an alien. Why else would I risk my security to save my spirit?

When working in an organization there are times when we get into some conflicts with the fellow workmates. The paid staff could be giving you a hard time well while you are working with them. In some instances the person offending you is doing it unconsciously and the problems are solved by politely informing the person. The person will listen to you and apologize. On the other hand, the problem is not easily solved, after talking to the person offending you he does not change. In such cases go to your supervisor or volunteer coordinator to help solve the issue. The supervisor should be able to resolve the issue between the two of you. In the worst case you could be reassigned to another department.

Joe is a veteran of the Navy and Air Force, and served his country well in Korea, and is well known in these parts for being one of the best neighbors in the town, and for his trademark bicycle moustache. He is one of those unsung hero types; always volunteering and working behind the scenes at church and civic events, and no matter hard he worked, he managed to keep that trademark smile of his.

Who are the other inspiring people in your graphic design courses? Students at business schools who take the time to build relationships with others in their program may have an easier time of it once out in the working world.

When trying to tackle a long to-do list, one effective technique is to do the most difficult tasks first. That way, you get the hard stuff out of the way early in the day. That sets up a great mood of success for the rest of your day and you will feel free to tackle all the relatively easy things that are left. Remember, do the tough jobs first for maximum productivity.

…We think of Night Ministers as dispensers of hope. We look for something that will help them get through something, get them to move beyond that. So often, hope is found in the presence of God, in the peace and love that is God. Sometimes hope is found in their [own] strength. Sometimes it's found within, their resilience, their strength, or even their stubbornness to overcome the challenges of life. Sometimes it's found in community, or family and friends. Our goal is to help them find the place where hope can be found in their life. More than not, hope is found in some spiritual connection.

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